Pineapple Love

Pineapple Love

"Pineapple Love" from Vlizz | Denver Video Production on Vimeo.

Pineapple Love Synopsis

Set in the Rocky Mountains two very different individuals find a joint love for mountain biking. However, one of them may not be sharing the full truth about his love. Combining dry humor, improv and documentary style editing, ‘Pineapple Love’ has a fresh new take on comedy.

Jill is extremely excited to meet Jon and go mountain biking for the first time this season. When Jon pulls up in his running shorts, fanny pack and pink pineapple shirt, something just doesn’t seem right. Maybe the joint love for the outdoors doesn’t make them the perfect match, but it sure makes a funny story.

Pineapple Love Cast & Crew


Jon: Hector “The Greek”
Jill: Valerie “Val Gal”
Mike: Mike “El Capitan”


Director: Jonny Havey
Editor: Jonny Havey
Cinematographer: Jonny Havey
Writers: Hector “The Greek”, Mike “El Capitan”
Producers: Hector “The Greek”, Jonny Havey, Mike “El Capitan”
Executive Producer: Hector “The Greek”
Associate Producer: Valerie “Val Gal”
Music: “Guilty Pleasure” by Olive Musique

Associated Production Companies