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Aikopops (Season 1, Episode 2)

Denver Web Series Video Production

Denver web series video production is another one of our favorite video art forms. Web series are no longer the future, they are the here and the now. Web series production is one of the most fun things in the video production industry. We are always working on a web series because it allows us to tell whatever story we want in short online shows.

Web series are becoming an extremely popular form of entertainment due to their ease of distribution avenues along with creatives involved in the production process being able to produce what they want. Depending on where a web series is going to be showcased online the creative process has an infinite amount of possibilities.

Similar to a movie production there are two types of web series productions. The first time is a documentary style web series production commonly viewed as reality television. Even though we believe a reality series is much more scripted than our Denver web series video production process.

The second type of web series is a narrative style web series production which tends to be a more widely viewed and distributed form of entertainment. The majority of the most popular series you watch on television or Netflix fit into this category of series, however, this is not always the case online.

There are many different levels of web series video productions ranging from very simple youtube talk shows to Netflix original series like Judd Apatow’s Love. Our work falls somewhere in between and bridges the gap between a documentary and narrative web series video production.

Our current web series under production is a cooking show featuring Christopher Mosera called Aikopops. After being a sous chef in New York City he brought his gourmet cooking style to Denver, Colorado in the form of funky flavored popsicles and groovy sandwiches.

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