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Our video production services at Vlizz are located in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in full service video production and have a full team of professional production experts with both creative and business backgrounds. Our services include storyboarding, producing, casting, directing, cinematography, video editing, sound editing, soundtrack production, animation and effects, and video & sound consulting.

Our Video Production Process

1. Pre-production

Storyboarding – The first part of the process includes a written and visual based plan of how the video production should look.
Casting – Next, we will work with you to decide what actors, actresses, and/or interviewees are needed and who they should be.
Producing – Lastly, we will schedule video shoot dates along with setting a pre-production, production and post-production wrap date so we can coordinate with our crew.
Video & Sound Consulting – If you need help or are interested in learning the craft of video production, we provide a video and sound consulting service to help you with your own pre-production.
Pre-Production Storyboarding & Deliverables Document – This document is used to plan the creative aspects and scheduling dates of your video production. Specifically it includes a written and visual based plan, scheduling dates & milestones, and deliverables.
Storyboarding & Producing Session: We provide a 90 minute storyboarding & producing session to plan the details of the video production project. This includes planning the script & visual content, scheduling & milestones, and deliverables.

2. Production

Cinematography – The biggest part of the production process is capturing the moving image on video. Our cinematographers are the job is to capture your story with a video camera.
Directing – A director will always be at a cinematography shoot as the head cinematographer. A director manages the whole creative production process, coordinates cinematographers and other individuals involved in production, and assists with staging, sound, and lighting.
Production Cinematography & Directing Document – This document is used to track the progress of production. Specifically it is used to track cinematography and directing hours along with noting what has specifically been captured on video.
Principal Cinematography – Principal cinematography is defined as the video shoots planned in the pre-production process. Principal cinematography is the largest part of the production process with the goal of capturing everything that is needed in post-production on video.
Secondary Cinematography – Secondary cinematography consists of any video shoots that were not planned in pre-production. These shoots are needed to capture any video footage that was not captured in principal cinematography. This may occur once the post-production process has already began.

3. Post-production

Video Editing – As we complete principal cinematography, we begin the video editing process. Video editing consists of visually piecing together the final video deliverables from the cinematography video footage and any other images or video footage applicable to the project.
Sound Editing – We begin the sound editing process in conjunction with the video editing process. Specifically sound editing includes piecing all of the sound footage together including dialogue, sound effects, and soundtrack.
Soundtrack Production – We are experts at selecting a soundtrack that works with your video production. We do this either by utilizing a stock soundtrack library or by contracting out a local artist that fits the soundtrack needs of your video production.
Animation & Effects – Animation and effects is the last part of the video & sound editing process. This includes integrating text titles, animation and any other special effects needed in the video production.
Post-Production Feedback Form – As stated below in the “Actions” section, our post-production editing process is broken down into three steps. In order to have a central place for feedback for all of these steps we have created a post-production feedback form that is sent to you along with a private password protected Vimeo link of each draft of your video production.

Sound Edit – For the first round of editing we ask feedback for is the sound edit. Specifically we look for feedback concerning the sound content of dialogue and any other comments regarding the length and content of the audio track. Note that depending on how much feedback is given this editing round may be revisited before moving onto the video edit feedback round.
Video Edit – For the second round of editing we ask feedback for is the video edit. Specifically we are looking for further feedback concerning the changes we made based on your sound edit feedback in addition to feedback specifically on length of video clips and what clips should be added and taken out of the video. Note that depending on how much feedback is given this editing round may be revisited before moving onto the final edit & cleanup feedback round.
Edit & Cleanup – For the final round of editing we ask for feedback concerning overall look and sound of the video. In addition, any soundtrack (music) or animation & effects feedback should be given. Note that depending on how much feedback is given this editing round may be revisited before finalizing the video production.

4. Distribution

Online – If an online distribution strategy for your video content is ideal for you or your business, we will refer you to our partners who specialize in the specific online distribution service we believe will be most beneficial to you.
Offline – If an offline distribution strategy for your video content is ideal for you or your business, we will point you in the right direction.
Other – If there is another distribution strategy for your video content is ideal for you or your business, we will point you in the right direction.

Referrals – We will refer you to our marketing and distribution partners for any distribution strategy we have resources for.
Advice – We will provide you with any advice we have concerning distribution strategies we don’t have specific partners or resources for.

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