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Denver Video Editing Services

Our video editing services are located in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in Denver video editing services to help individuals and businesses around the city of Denver and the state of Colorado. However, our video editing services cater to projects all around the country and the world.

We pride ourselves most on the high quality storytelling we produce through video editing services in the Denver video production process. This is because you can write the greatest story, shoot the best footage, have the greatest producers and directors in the business, but have a terrible video editor and the project is ruined. The flip side is having an average story paired with normal footage, and an awesome video editor can still produce something beautiful. With that being said, we have created the highest quality full service video production offering with everything we provide, our video editors are just the best you could ask for.

Our video editors have utilized a wide range of video editing programs including: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie (we would never actually use this for one of our projects, but this is a really fun program that anyone can easily pick up), etc. Through the years, Adobe Premiere has become our standard editing software. In addition, we use Apple Compressor, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Speed Grade, and Adobe Encoder amongst other video editing software for our additional editing needs.

Beyond the technical arena of video editing, we have become very good at our video editing storytelling. Before even touching the footage we start editing each project in our heads. The ability to visualize cuts before even digging into the footage allows us to produce higher quality stories efficiently and effectively. It also makes the job of our cinematographers much more efficient because they are able to work directly with our video editors to provide them with the best shots to tell the story.

Our Video Editing Process

(1) Draft One: Feedback for audio content, imagery ideas & video length

(2) Draft Two: Feedback on imagery content + review of audio content & video length

(3) Draft Three: Feedback on color, audio mixing (other tracks including soundtrack, sound effects, etc.) + audio & imagery content

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Importance of Video Editing

Video editing may be the single most important piece of the video production process. Video editing is the most time intensive and hardest part of the process. Video editing at its core is the process of manipulating and combining video and motion images to successfully fulfill the purpose of a video production.

Before a video editor is involved in the production equation, all of the beautiful storyboarding, scriptwriting, producing, directing, etc. is a list of very important services, however, there is no product yet. A video editor brings everything together that the rest of the video production team has conceptualized or produced and delivers the final product with the director.