“Final Table” (Documentary Short)

“The Godfather of Folk” (Trailer #1)

Denver Documentary Video Production

Denver documentary video production is our bread and butter when it comes to the creative side of video production. We are continuously working on a Denver documentary video production ranging from local to international stories. We believe that documentary video production is the ideal medium because it allows you to capture real and true stories throughout the world today.

Growing up we believed that everyone’s life could be a movie. Ours. Our parents. Our friends. Our teachers. Well, documentary video production is the avenue of making this belief a reality. Everyone has a story. Documentary video production is all about figuring out what the story is and how to best connect it to a target audience.

A wise man once said< "documentary filmmaking is about luck, but the only way to get lucky is by working so hard that you don't miss your lucky opportunity." When we heard Academy Ward winning director Daniel Junge (Saving Face) state this in a much better way than it is paraphrased above, documentary video production clicked.

How does one create such an amazing documentary that will both enthrall people and inspire action? After producing our first Denver documentary video production, Final Table (filmed in Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada) we understood how hard work equals luck. We are convinced that when it comes to documentary filmmaking, luck doesn’t exist without hard work.

We stumbled upon our latest documentary Denver video production when we were producing a story marketing video for singer-songwriter Harry Tuft and his acoustic music store (The Denver Folklore Center) that has been open for 50+ years. Harry is now in his 80s, but is doing much more than just inspiring people with his work ethic and his music, he is living his dream.

Telling great stories takes time, but when you look at how important everyone’s story is, they deserve a lifetime worth of energy put into telling their story.

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